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The Design Process.

Our in-house design team is based at the Ideal Centre of Excellence in Leeds and will provide a full development plan meeting your design requirements.

Step 1.

Enquiry raised by client and a developer checklist is completed. This is available to download from the Ideal Boilers website or from the Design Office via email.

Step 2.

Email the completed form along with plans, sections and elevations in the formats listed, along with any additional information as indicated on the check list to

Step 3.

The return date on new enquiries is within 20 working days. Should you have a specific deadline please contact the Design Office or your new build sales contact.

Step 4.

When the designs are completed they will be returned to you in PDF format via email or CD-ROM dependant on your preference.

Step 5.

Our internal system is updated and records kept on file for additions to the enquiry or if revisions are requested.

Once completed it should be submitted, along with drawings to

Developer checklist.

As part of the of the design process, a Developer Checklist will need to be completed. The target turnaround time for designs is 20 working days from the receipt of suitably scaled final working drawings and a completed Developer Checklist. The details and information you will need to be able to complete the Developer Checklist are listed below.


  • Client details
  • Site/developer details
  • Housing Association specification
  • Drawing details
  • Product details
    • - Radiators
    • - Ancillary equipment
  • Design criteria (temps and “U” valves)
  • System criteria (type of system manifold)
  • Zoning and Part L compliance requirements
  • Renewable requirements
  • Any other special requirements